Luca Del Puppo, A.I.C. is a cinematographer interested in stories of people living their lives at the margins. Sometimes this is the literal edge of an abyss, at others it is the cusp of a critical decision, on which an entire life may hinge.

It is this insight into the life and mind of a character, and the mystery inherent in being alive for a brief moment on earth, that Luca likes to work on with a director and to represent on the screen.

Although he is passionate about camera movement and expansive wides, it is a quiet closeup at the right moment that he is most moved by. Thinking of an image on a 50-foot screen, at 24 frames per second, in front of an audience of strangers, it becomes apparent that a film is installation art.

At that scale, a closeup has the ability to put us in touch with a different kind of understanding and knowing. One that picks up at the limits of the rational and the literal, where it becomes possible to feel what is happening in the hidden soul of a character.

Luca Del Puppo grew up in Italy and lives in the U.S.

His work has screened at festivals such as Sundance, SXSW, Tiff, and Tribeca.
His recent films have been for major studios such as Universal, Sony, Paramount, Netflix, Amazon, and HBO, among others.

In 2021, he was inducted into the A.I.C.

Citizenship / Italy (EU), Switzerland, U.S.A.

MFA / Cinematography, American Film Institute
BA / Modern Languages, Trinity College